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Guardians of the Galaxy

#Guardians of the Galaxy review: What a bunch of A-holes

guardians of the galaxy movie poster Better than eleven percent

At this point I’m considering giving Marvel films their own set of standards upon which to grade them, because from Iron Man 3 to Guardians of the Galaxy, Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to produce a film worthy of anything less than an A. Even on an upwardly curved scale, though, Guardians of the Galaxy would score a nearly perfect grade, because…

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#Lucy review: What if humans could use 100% of their brains? Hopefully they’d write better screenplays

lucy movie poster I don’t love Lucy

Apparently if humans could use 100% of their brain’s capacity, they would be able to shoot lasers from their mouths, make super computers grow out of nothing, travel through time, and do almost anything else physically imaginable. This doesn’t seem very likely to actually happen, but in the parameters of Luc Besson’s Lucy, it’s the entire payoff.

The action film is built around…

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The Purge: Anarchy

purge anarchy wealthy
purge anarchy movie poster Stay safe

What The Purge: Anarchy has going for it is ambition. Founded on a brilliant premise (almost all crime is legal for 12 hours a year) and backed up with cool, social commentary-lite ideas (an auction-like arena where the wealthy pay to hunt the poor, for instance), Anarchy (as well as the original Purge film) think big, yet execute small. Abandoning almost all horror film…

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22 Jump Street

Image One-upped

Something’s familiar. 22 Jump Street is 21 Jump Street gone undercover, with slight upgrades in budget and meta humor. The sequel directly takes the storytelling formula from the first and plays around with it minimally, but still manages to deliver the same, if not a bigger, amount of laughs.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have enough comedic chemistry that they could probably compete…

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Edge of Tomorrow

Image 11:59pm?

In a summer that will inevitably contain some truly awful blockbusters that excel at the box office, it’s a shame that Edge of Tomorrow, a witty expedition as well oiled as the machines it features, is doing so not-amazingly in ticket sales. Those lucky enough to see it can attest for its unwavering entertainment value in the form of time travel and robot-verses-demon squid battles,…

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